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Carotid Artery Disease

Dr Peter Vann has 20+ years experience in all types of carotid surgery having been trained by Professor Ross Naylor world authority in carotid disease. Peter Vann uses a shunt to bypass blood to the brain whilst cleaning out the artery and generally uses a patch to close the artery to minimise any potential for narrowing.

Patients with the above symptoms need urgent attention and treatment would entail managing high
blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking cessation, blood sugar control and blood thinning medications
Carotid surgery is usually done to prevent stroke and it constitutes a cleaning out (cleaning out of the main artery in the neck taking blood to the brain and the gold standard is carotid endarterectomy.

The major carotid artery international trials support the above when the artery has a narrowing of greater than 70%. However, there is also evidence in symptomatic patients with an active plaque to treat patients
in the range of 50-69%.

Carotid dissection, aneurysm and trauma are all special entities that are dealt with individually by
your specialist.

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