Auckland Vascular And Varicose Vein Clinic With Over 25 Years Of Experience

About Dr Peter Vann (Vanniasingham)

First New Zealand vascular surgeon by examination FRACS (vascular ), trained under tutelage of DeBakey & Crawford trained vascular surgeons.

Worked with Professor Sir Peter Bell ,UK pioneer vascular surgeon, Professor Matt Thompson California, one of the current world-leading endovascular surgeons,

Professor Ross Naylor UK, THE world authority on Carotid artery disease, stroke prevention and treatment.

Dr Peter Vann was former Head and Service Clinical Director of Vascular Surgery South and East Auckland Vascular Unit Middlemore Hospital, Auckland New Zealand.

Currently Visiting Specialist Vascular Surgeon Auckland Regional Vascular Unit Auckland City Hospital.

Specialist Vascular Surgeon Mercy Ascot Group of Hospitals Auckland, Southern Cross  Brightside Hospital & Ormiston Hospital Auckland NZ.

Board Member Clinical Advisory Board Mercy Ascot Group of Hospitals Auckland New Zealand.

Honorary Senior Lecturer Vascular Surgery University of Auckland Medical school, Supervisor of Vascular Surgery Training Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

  • First New Zealand Vascular Surgeon by examination (FRACS Vascular)
  • Head of vascular surgery south/east Auckland vascular service Middlemore Hospital 1999 – 2008
  • Peter Vann did all his training through the Auckland regional hospitals since 1985 to current
  • Selected by the RACS (Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) for vascular surgery training in Australia
  • Trained under the tutelage of vascular surgeons who worked with professor Michael DeBakey/ Stanley Crawford
  • Worked directly under the tutelage of Professor Sir Peter Bell pioneer endovascular surgeon the UK,
    Professor Matt Thompson California, current world-leading endovascular surgeon,
  • Dr Vann was personally trained and mentored by Professor Ross Naylor  world authority on carotid disease and treatment
  • Current Visiting Specialist Vascular Surgeon in the following institutions;
    • Auckland City Hospital Regional Vascular Unit
    • Mercy Ascot group of hospitals Remuera/Epsom
    • Southern Cross group hospitals Auckland 
    • Shakespeare specialist centre Takapuna
  • First specialist vascular surgeon in Auckland to be a Southern Cross affiliated provider in varicose veins
  •  Board Member Mercy Ascot Group of Hospitals Clinical Advisory Board, Lead in Vascular Surgery.
  • Honorary senior lecturer vascular surgery University of Auckland medical school
  • Examiner in surgery University of Auckland medical school
  • Examiner in surgery Australian medical council (1998)
  • Examiner in surgery RACS -OSCE
  • Director and Supervisor of vascular surgery training Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  •  Convenor RACS vascular surgery fellowship examination
  • Trustee Medical Aid Abroad New Zealand
  • Provides a voluntary vascular service in the Pacific Islands
  • Pioneer vascular surgeon Samoa to perform first fistula for dialysis in 2004
  • Does pro bono work for some patients on a regular basis


Bachelor Of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery- MBBS

Fellowship Royal Australasian College of Surgeons – FRACS (Vascular)

Fellowship Royal Australasian College of Surgeons – FRACS (General)

Fellowship Royal College of Surgeons England – FRCS (England)

Fellowship Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh – FRCS (Edinburgh)


NZVS Member

ISVS Member


Dr Peter Vann is a very experienced vascular surgeon who has been providing specialised vascular service for all aspects of vascular pathology , vascular conditions and all aspects of treatment in the Auckland and greater Auckland area for over 25 years.

He is one of the most experienced Vascular Surgeons in Auckland.

He has  extensive training, by world-renowned specialists in all aspects of vascular surgery and treatment.  He was selected by the RACS for subspecialised vascular surgery training and worked in the famed Royal Melbourne hospital, renowned Princess Alexandra hospital Brisbane and in the UK in specialised professorial vascular units.

He was personally trained by Professor Ross Naylor (UK) who is currently the leading world authority on
carotid artery treatment and stroke prevention.

He was also trained by Professor Sir Peter Bell (UK) who was a pioneer in endovascular aortic stents , Peter Vann used to hand sew these stent grafts in Professor Bells Laboratory when he trained in the UK.

He trained with Professor Matt Thompson (California), one of the leading endovascular surgeons in thoracic aortic endovascular procedures.

Peter Vann established the Auckland (Ascot) Vascular and Varicose Vein clinic and Surgery in 2001 at Mercy Ascot Hospital Remuera and is the pioneer vascular surgeon in this institution.

He has been providing specialised vascular service in all types of open and endovascular treatments for his patients in conjunction with world-renowned interventional radiologists at Mercy Ascot Remuera, Epsom and Intra ltd.

Experience ! Expertise ! Excellence !   in ALL aspects of Vascular Care and treatment..